NEW – our highest power density optimizer for today’s highest power modules including bifacials and large wafer formats, multi-string input support to maximize 1P and 2P tracker fit, and more.

Output power range: 22.9 - 45.0 kW
Output currents: 32, 30, 28, 25, 24, 20 A



The optimizer that established Ampt as the global leader in large-scale PV power plants and energy storage.

Output power range: 17.7 - 27.7 kW
Output currents: 20, 16 A

Ampt String Optimizers Deliver Unmatched Value


Patented Technology

  • Dual MPPT per optimizer – delivers more lifetime energy
  • Full Tracker Fit – lower tracker cost per watt
  • String Stretch® – more modules per string
  • High Fixed-Voltage Bus (HFVB) – save on capex
  • Ampt Mode® – increases inverter power density
  • Direct-to-Converter™ – lowers battery converter cost per watt
  • High DC/AC (3:1) – longer storage durations at a lower cost
  • V-match® – adapts PV plant to legacy or future power equipment
  • Wireless Communication – optimizes O&M with string-level data

Improved ROI

  • Reduce upfront total system cost
  • Increase system lifetime performance
  • Realize a lower cost of energy