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Applications that increase ROI


Ampt DC power management to optimize new and existing PV systems.


Optimize PV Systems

Lower the total cost while increasing lifetime performance of new PV power plants.


  • Reduce upfront total system cost
  • Increase system lifetime performance
  • Realize a lower cost of energy
  • Increase return on investment


Upgrade PV Systems

Repower existing PV systems with Ampt optimizers to maximize project ROI.


3 ways to upgrade with Ampt:
Deploy Ampt optimizers with existing wires and combiners to increase energy production by recovering ~60% of system-level degradation losses caused by mismatch.   When replacing inverters, Ampt optimizers allow the use of modern and lower cost per watt inverters rather than legacy inverters (e.g. Use 1500-volt inverters at full rated power in 1000-volt systems; or 1000-volt inverters in 600-volt systems).   Ampt enables DC ratios of 2-to-1 or more. Use Ampt optimizers to increase the size of a PV array on existing inverters while operating within specification. Mix new and legacy modules without creating mismatch losses.


DC-Coupled Storage

Ampt optimizers enable low-cost DC-coupled storage for new and existing PV systems.


  • Ampt direct-to-battery DC power management
  • Scales from micro-grid to large power plants
  • Increase storage capacity without the added cost of dedicated conversion equipment
  • Benefit from other Ampt advantages including system cost savings and performance improvement


Monitoring and O&M

Optional wireless communication provides string-level data to optimize O&M.

  • Remotely track string-level performance
  • Identify and locate problems quickly
  • High accuracy, synchronous data via Modbus
  • Easy mapping – match data to your site layout